Oops samantha brown

Brown this is what has come of Father Ambrose coming about the castle, brown demure as a cat oops is about to steal cream. Father Ambrose is our oops samantha brother, said the steward gravely. Very true, Master Wingate, answered the Dame; but is that a good reason why he samantha pervert the kings liege subjects to papistrie. Heaven forbid, Mistress Brown, answered the sententious major-domo; but yet there are worse folk than the Papists. I wonder where they are to be found, said the waiting-woman, with some asperity; but I believe, Master Wingate, if one were to speak to you dwanye wade redden the devil himself, you would say there were worse people than Satan. Assuredly I might say so, replied the steward, supposing that I saw Satan standing at my elbow. The waiting-woman started, and having exclaimed, God bless us I added, I wonder, Master Wingate, you can take pleasure in frightening one thus. Nay, Mistress Lilias, I had no such purpose, was the reply; but look you here-the Papists are but put down for the present, but who knows how long this word present will last. read more
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